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LED Wall Pack

LED Wall Pack lighting offers a compact, powerful, and highly efficient exterior lighting solution for commercial and industrial businesses as well as private homeowners. Our US made LED Wall Pack lights provide ideal outdoor lighting for both business and homes and feature high efficiency, powerful light output, good light color, and the extremely long lamp life of LED wall pack lighting technology.

10 watt replaces a 50-75 watt HPS / Metal Halide

20 watt replaces a 100 watt HPS / Metal Halide

30 watt replaces a 150 watt HPS / Metal Halide

40 watt replaces a 250 watt HPS / Metal Halide

50 - 60 watt replaces a 400 watt HPS / Metal Halide

90 watt replaces a 450 watt HPS / Metal Halide

Wall Pack

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