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LED Parking Lot Lights

LED Parking lot lights,

are a replacement for your typical HID / HPS lights for example, we can replace a 1000 watt HID / HPS parking lot fixture with a 240 watt fixture instead. Every LED light fixture comes with an easily accessible high efficiency universal power supply. It also features a unique lightweight housing design. Our LED parking lot lights don't interfere with radio waves either. The

LED parking lot lighting fixtures,

uses 750 milli-amps (mA) compared to amps used by other lights in terms of current drawn. This means you get the same amount of light with the use of less energy!

A 400 watt HID / HPS lights Can be replaced by a 120 watt LED Light.

A Safe Option for All Situations

Our LED parking lot lights are cool to the touch, unlike hot halogen light bulbs. In addition to staying cooler, our parking lot lighting is safe to use in all weather situations and is resilient, regardless of how many times the lights go on and off. The LED light bulbs last longer and allow you to light the way to bring more customers to your store. Don't deal with burnt-out parking lot lights again. Count on our long-lasting options.

A parking lot with 54 1000 watt fixtures ( 54kw ), that is on for 10 hours a day 365 day a year. Adds up to a huge expense, switch to Our 240 watt ( 12.96kw ) LED Parking lot fixture it will save you thousand.

Our LED parking lot lights can be design for solar projects.
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 LED Parking Lot lights

LED technology will change. By using our unique design,  you never have to change your fixture.

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