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LED Light Fixture

Retrofit your Drop Ceiling Light Fixtures,

A retrofit light kit is the ideal option when you need to update to energy saving LED lights. Save time and money by retrofitting your existing ceiling lights. At LED Lighting Shop, we carry the drop ceiling lighting retrofit kits you need to transform the look of any room and provide the overhead lighting you need. These LED Retrofit lights are the ideal option for homes and businesses. You can retrofit 1 x4, 2 x 2, 2 x 4, vapor tight fixtures, shop lights, stairwell light fixtures, strip light fixtures and just about any tube type fixture you can retrofit.

The Perfect Lighting for Any RoomTroffer LED Retrofit Kit

Regardless of the location of your drop ceiling, our shoplights, 2x2, 2x4 or 1x4 LED retrofit light kit are the ideal option to give your room the right amount of light without increasing the cost of your energy bills. The older fluorescent tube light fixtures provided the ideal light for working conditions, but their cost of operations was too high. With a suspended ceiling light fixture, you will receive the same amount of light as these older options without increasing your energy bills. This makes our lighting the ideal option for businesses that want to improve their bottom line.

Quality Lighting You Can Rely On

One of the biggest reasons individuals choose LED retrofit lights is to reduce their costs. Even if installing the fixtures costs more, it is well worth the cost to see the reduction in energy bills. However, there are other advantages to these LED retrofit kits as well. Our troffer LED retrofit light kits lasts longer so you don’t have to worry about replacing light bulbs too often. In fact, it will be years before you even have to think about it.